June 30, 2022


TRNC Ministry of Tourism and Environment, “Promotion Days” continues its activities in Bursa which Turkey launched for various provinces of Northern Cyprus.

The Ministry of Tourism, THY, KITSAB, KITOB, Health Tourism Council, KITREB officials as well as sector representatives will participate in the “Northern Cyprus Promotion Days” ceremony to be held on 6-8 August 2018 in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism and Environment and Turkish Airlines.

Workshops and B2B meetings will be held in the scope of the program and will be made specifically for the Bursa presentation.

In the sector of tourism the “image” is perceived as a competitive advantage created by awareness and Minister Ataoğlu emphasised that the Ministry of Tourism and Environment develops its image identity which they work to strengthen, “our goal is Northern Cyprus’s first motherland Turkey, to ensure that the world is perceived correctly.”

Minister Ataoglu expressed that tourism promotion is a field nourishing the country’s image at the same time, emphasising that creating a country’s image is not a momentous result but a continuously developing process.

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