Bottled water is under the TRNC Ministry of Health control


Yeşim Gümüşdağ, Director of the Basic Health Services Department of the Ministry of Health, reminded that the audits for the better quality and healthier production of bottled waters produced in the country continues, and that the regulations regarding the use period of carboys for five years was in practice.

She stated that the Ministry of Health has maintained the control of the demijohn water system in accordance with the EU legislation and with the criteria parallel to world practices and considering the conditions of the country, in order to make public awareness of the control mechanism carried out by the Ministry of Health for safe water transportation.

Gümüşdağ stated that in the audits the facilities which are not operated in hygienic conditions, whether other containers are used or not, i.e. washing and rinsing units, laboratories belonging to facilities, whether the analyses are made regularly, to establish the conditions of water storage and presence of foreign and harmful substances which will damage human health.

It was emphasized that attention was paid to all these points during the audits and that necessary punishments were given to businesses that do not comply with the conditions.

Director Gümüşdağ stated that microbiological and chemical analyses of drinking water are made regularly with samples taken from filling facilities, “All analyses are carried out regularly every month. Nobody needs to worry. However, it is also useful to underline that the consensus reached at the joint meetings held with water operators is that the duration of the use of demijohns has increased from 3 years to 5 years. In this respect, the necessary regulation changes have been made. As stated in some news, 7 years is not the case.”

Gümüşdağ said that samples were taken from the products offered for sale in the audits, in the facilities, if necessary, and both microbiological and chemical analyses were made. Gümüşdağ, noted that 37 companies which were audited did not meet the conditions and they were reminded that warnings and punishments were given to businesses that did not meet the required conditions.  Citizens who use bottled water should pay attention to the following items related to the products they received:

“Whether or not the demijohn water is labelled by the Ministry of Health, and whether the date and number of the authorisation is shown on it, in addition to the presence of the brand name, the date of manufacture and expiration, and serial number, it is important to pay attention to the safety seal, the indicator that the water container has not been opened.

You should keep the carboy according to the determined criteria. It should be kept in a cool, dry and clean environment that is not exposed to direct sunlight. Water bottles should not be used for other purposes in houses. No irritants such as bleach, brushing, etc. should be used in the cleaning of the bottles, this should be left to the water producer. Deformed water bottles should not be purchased. Maximum attention should be paid to the cleanliness of the water in the bottles. After opening the bottle, the products over 5 litres should be consumed within a maximum of 7 days.”

Source; TRNC Ministry of Health

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