Will the next generation succeed where we failed?


By Ahmet Abdülaziz …

Death is inevitable. So one day, you and I and all of us, will  no longer be here. The children of today will replace us. This is a process that has been going on for millions of years. Interestingly every old generation wants to leave a better world for their children and the next generation.

Now, when I look around at the world that our generation has built up, to be handed over to the new generation, unfortunately I do not give good marks to our generation. Don’t ask me why. Just ask yourself the same question. ” Are we handing over a better world to the next generation”? Just try to answer this question, honestly.

As to myself, I accept that I may not be as optimistic as some other friends may be. But when I look around, I see the following which we are going to gift to the next generation:

•   pollution
•   drugs
•   diseases
•   wars and terrorism
•   financial stress

I can write pages and pages explaining the above, but in fact we all know all these facts.

We are not giving our children a better future.

With most of the wealth limited to a small percentage of people on this globe, this is what we can expect to be given to the next generation. The greed to be wealthy at the expense of humanity, is not something new. It has been so for all time. But what we should now think over is if we have done something to make the lives of the more unfortunate people better? My answer is a simple NO.   Our generation has failed to decrease the gap between the fortunate and the not so fortunate.

I am afraid the future is going to see more and more bloodshed, due to one or more reasons. Interestingly wars do make some wealthy, at the expense of the human lives of the poor. This is the practice that we took over from previous generations and are passing over to the next generation.

The cost of war Iraq

Recently some new people entered into the circle of our family friends. For the first time, I has the chance to look into the lives of the families who have Cancer patients in their homes. In fact it is not just the patients who suffer in the hands of Cancer. The whole family suffers, not just financially, but also in every other field of their lives. This is really painful.

There are gossips which say that the big names of the pharmaceutical world do not favour the idea of eradicating cancer from the world fully. For them continuation of cancer as a disease leads to the their bumper profits every year. Indeed it is not difficult to find a direct relationship between the increase in the number of patients and their prolonged sickness having a direct link to the profitability of the pharmaceutical firms who sell drugs for cancer cure.

So this is also a problem that our generation is going to hand over to the next generation.

As the time ticks by,  the new generation is getting nearer to face all the problems that unfortunately we failed to solve. The problems that we are going to hand over to them to solve, and apart from these they would have to face all other new problems that will come up in the passage of time.

But with all this in sight, I do still think that the new generation will succeed in solving most of the problems that we as generation failed to tackle.