September 22, 2023


By Chris Elliott ……

Some people can be so very caring to the point of being totally dedicated and we were amazed to learn through Richard Beale’s article click here all about Rob Astley the TRNC’s own “dog whisperer”, who every day travels around Esentepe and outlying areas on his silver motorbike to care for and feed stray and unwanted dogs and puppies.

In November 2017 Rob came across three puppies in a field at the back of Stone Castle, Esentepe and started to feed them on a regular basis.

From that moment on his daily life has changed as he put into plan a daily routine that would save the lives of many dogs, who are homeless and are 100% dependent on him. He has managed to find permanent homes for many of his “flock” including a number of dogs that have gone to the UK. At times he was spending £100 per week on food and veterinary products and of course is grateful for any help and donations that have been given.

3 other dogs – ‘SNAP, CRACKLE and POP’ and where they live at Shayna Beach, Catalkoy

We were delighted to meet with Rob Astley and present him with the award for his selfless ongoing caring for animals here in Northern Cyprus and we are showing below a video made by Graham Proctor-Brown at a joint fundraising event in Esentepe organised by Rob Astley and Carol Harrison.


By providing a permanent home for an animal or providing a temporary foster/emergency home or of course making a cash donation or donating food, preferably tinned food. Local readers can leave donations of dog food at SlimzCafe next to Tempo Supermarket in Esentepe. 


Phone him on 0533 8227791 or on Facebook Bouncer’s Legacy. Pay Pal RJA Transport @

To learn more of Bouncer’s Legacy please click here

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