September 30, 2023


By Stephanie Kuyucu…..,.
Kyrenia Academy,

It’s been a busy Summer so far at Kyrenia Academy Holistic Centre in Çatalköy, with a Summer program of activities which was launched at the beginning of July.

Stephanie Kuyucu.

Every Monday and Tuesday morning we are running Summer play camps for children aged 3 plus.

Activities are child led, focusing on socialisation, role play, puzzle solving, mathematics, Art and Crafts, story telling and dance/gymnastics. These morning sessions are 70TL each.


Alternatively, on Fridays we offer a dance class for 45 minutes for 3 years plus, which includes dance routines, gymnastics, balance and Pilates, at a cost of 30TL.

In addition to this, children aged 7 years plus can participate in Maths, English, Dance and Craft activities every Thursday morning from 9.30-12.30, at a cost of 70TL per session.

Throughout the summer, individual piano lessons and tutoring for Maths, English, Biology, French, Geography and History continues.

At Kyrenia Academy, we teach according to the specific needs of the child. We teach the individual and class sizes are capped at 6 children.

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