Star Signs and how did they start?


By Nick Vye…….

We have all read at sometime our star signs in newspapers, magazines, etc. Some people say he or she is a typical Gemini etc,  as we take on board the characteristics of that particular star sign of our birth date.

This association goes way back in time, with ancient civilizations. Even 2,000 years ago during Jesus’ day, not many people know that each of his disciples was a different star sign. So he had all the particular characters and personalities of the twelve star signs around him.

Here below I have listed each one, although there is debate among astrologers regarding some positions.

Name – Sign – Stone:

Andrew – Aries – Jasper
Simon – Taurus –  Sapphire
Thomas – Gemini – Chalcedony
James – Cancer – Emerald
Thaddeus – Leo – Sardonyx
Phillip – Virgo – Carnelian
Bartholomew – Libra – Chrysoberyl
Simon/Peter – Scorpio – Beryl
Simon Zealot – Sagittarius – Topaz
Matthew – Capricorn – Chrysopraus
John Son Of Zebee – Aquarius –  Jacinth
Matthias –  Pisces – Amethyst

I do not agree on some of the positions of certain disciples. My main one is Judas Iscariot, who I believe was a Scorpio. He and Mary Magdalen were the only two Jesus confided in regarding his true mission on earth.

Scorpio’s are very loyal and trusting people generally, who can keep a secret and are always trying to change and develop their spirituality.

The Catholic Church a few years ago, released the truth regarding Judas. He did not betray Jesus but was taken into his confidence and they planned the betrayal as this was the karmic pattern Jesus had to fulfil. On earth you cannot be here without karma (cause and effect ) in your lifetime.

So this is why Scorpio people are often thought of as dark and mysterious. They are very deep thinkers and not easily understood, so lots of people fear them. Always relating them to the story put out by religion regarding Judas and Jesus.

I myself am a Scorpio Oct 28th and have also experienced this negative reaction throughout my life but have never let it take me away from my true beliefs.

So you see this is far more ancient knowledge than we presume today. The ancient city of Jerusalem had many kinds of quartz minerals within its buildings. As well as the clear hard diamond, which contains the element of carbon in all life forms. So take the positive qualities of your own star sign and increase it and work on lessening the negative qualities of it.

With love light and peace to you all.

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