March 21, 2023


Northern Cyprus has been sizzling this week so we are bringing you more cool news and reviews in your Free weekly online Enewspaper, Issue 32, and we hope you like it.

At times it is hard to understand why it seems the TRNC authorities are reluctant to make use of the skills and desire to help being offered by expats living here but this week we saw recognition of Terry Carter the founder of the 112/CESV Civil Emergency Services Volunteers who have given training to TRNC Fire Brigade, Police and Hospitals and so many more.

We are also delighted to bring you a number of reviews about people from Cyprus past plus another look across the water to the wonders of Jordan in the part two article by Heidi Trautmann.

Thank you again to the new contributors for sharing your news with our Enewspaper  and do click below to read all of our news and reviews in issue 32.

Thank you

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