September 30, 2023


By Chris Elliott….

They say “Life is like a wheel…always turning, always evolving” and memories of the past flood back that help you on that journey of discovery and development.

On Wednesday 4th July 2018 I went to the Girne Fire Station to meet with Terry Carter’s daughter Gillian and members  of CESV, the Civil  Emergency Services Volunteers, now led by Steve Collard, which was founded by Terry Carter and during those years long ago it was known as the 112 Civil  Emergency Services Volunteers.

Having worked with Terry in the past and remembering when I last went to this fire station way back in 2015 and witnessed first aid training being given to the fire crew on watch, it was so nice to be there to see his daughter Gillian and the CESV people meet Fire Chief Mustafa Paga who was there in 2015 and, through Ümut Karanar, he said the following of Terry Carter.

“I met your father many years ago and learned so much through his training which helped me develop my skills during my career and in turn over the years I have encouraged all of the firemen working with me to have training on an ongoing basis from your father’s organisation. It has proved to be life saving lessons on many occasions and for that we thank Terry Carter and in his memory I would like to present you with this plaque as a sign of our gratitude for the friendship and help that was given to us through his work.”

Following this meeting and time to take a few photos we went to the nearby offices of Sivil Savunma (Civil Defence), which I had visited many times over the years with Terry, and Gillian and the CESV volunteers met with Ibrahim Çağlar the Müdür who talked about the valuable contribution that Terry made in the TRNC and his way of bringing the communities together as friends and colleagues as well as providing much needed training which still continues.

He also said, we are all saddened by his passing and his influence in bringing high standards of emergency first aid training to the TRNC, and donation of equipment to the hospitals and ambulance service, will always be remembered and treasured by the whole community.

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