October 1, 2023


By Mary Watson….

The great thing about everyone who is part of the MAD – Making A Difference Group – is how the children from the Ziyamet Special Needs School can touch people’s hearts.

Over the last 3 years, thanks to enthusiastic fund raising, they have provided an external and internal playground, a physiotherapist and other equipment.  More importantly perhaps the children have had the opportunity to experience BBQs, trips to the beach, toys at New Year and Easter eggs.

Now, thanks to two unexpected donations, more can be done to enhance their lives.

The first one is from the Limasollular Charity U.K. The organisation is chaired by Arife Redvan and has members from different villages in the Limassol area who raise money in the U.K. through promoting Cypriot culture and traditions.

Thanks to Adem Bayman from MAD, they were inspired to donate £2,000 from Iftar Yemeni, a fast breaking meal, to the school.

The second donation is from a group organised by Alice Ilban who holds monthly coffee mornings at the Lemar cafe in Bogaz.   Through a raffle and sales of local produce they raise money to support groups who help the community.

This month, again through Adem, almost 30 people  raised 800TL and a further 100TL was donated by Hamide Mehmet.  This money will specifically be used to fund the continuing services of the physiotherapist.

Adem said ‘I never cease to be amazed by the generosity of people.  We have watched the children grow in confidence and really enjoy life thanks to so many people who believe in them.  At the coffee morning Art Watson and I had the opportunity to talk to the group about the school and I hope it may encourage others to help these special children.

If anyone would like to do so they can contact Art on 0548 8614873 or me on 0548 834 8135.

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