Animal care

KAR offer caution and awareness information regarding Distemper


We have received the following important note from Kyrenia Animal Rescue for our readers to enable them to be aware of the danger to animals of the infection of Distemper. 

The full facts are clearly pointed out by following the link provided to the   School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Wisconsin, USA where a very comprehensive explanation is given.

Message from Kyrenia Animal Rescue (KAR)


Important information about Distemper.


We have attached a link for you all to pass around to everyone you know, an easy to understand and what to look for guide to CANINE DISTEMPER. It is vital that before you offer a home to any puppy or adult dog that you have it health checked thoroughly by a vet, including all relevant testings.

The disease can lie active but dormant for lengthy periods. It is vital that you fully understand the risks in taking an unvaccinated dog into your home. We understand the need and desire to rescue helpless animals, just be informed before you do.

It is vital that this information is distributed within the community.