September 30, 2023


By Kyrenia Animal Rescue ….

This is a real feel good story. Hayley and Kim, who are here on holiday in Tatlisu, fell in love with a cute little lonely girl. They decided to take her off the street whilst they were here on holiday and take care of her.

Following numerous telephone conversations and office meetings. Şamba is now safe in kennels and will be starting her travel procedure back to the UK and her new home. Well done girls, angels, that’s what you are …. We salute you.

This is their story …..

This little stray was wandering around our apartment complex in Cyprus when we arrived and I won’t lie, we fell in love, but naturally we had come on holiday to relax so we waved her off and carried on sunbathing. Only kidding! Approximately 5 minutes passed and we decided to go on a rescue mission.

Two vet trips to buy food, a collar and lead, and multiple phone calls to an animal rescue centre and one dog chase later we rescued her, and found her a home ….. our home. In 4 months time this little ‘straby’ will be moving to England to live with us and her big sis.

 Everybody, meet Şamba …..

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