October 3, 2022


By Margaret Sheard ….

Kyrenia Animal Rescue have brightly coloured food donation boxes distributed in local supermarkets, so perhaps when you are shopping you might like to purchase a little extra dog or cat food, pasta or cleaning materials to help the street animals of North Cyprus and pop it in the box as you leave.

The food boxes can be found at the following locations :

Supreme Supermarket, Catalkoy
Erdener Supermarket, Catalkoy
Lemar Supermarket, Karakum
Lemar Supermarket, Catalkoy
Ileli Supermarket, Alsancak

KAR are very grateful to all the Supermarkets helping with this issue, it is greatly appreciated.


2 thoughts on “KAR Food Donation Boxes at Supermarkets

  1. Any particular reason why not Lemar Alsancak? It’s quite busy.

    1. Hello Audrey, thank you for your question but cannot answer that and it would be for KAR to answer that.

      Perhaps they have a plan to introduce more outlets with donation boxes.

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