July 2, 2022


“Misrepresenting the facts for the creation of two separate states on purpose, or by deliberately stalling the process, is a form of treason,” the General-Secretary of the Greek Cypriot political party AKEL has said.

According to a report in the Greek Cypriot weekly newspaper, Simerini, Andros Kyprianou criticised Anastasiades’ statements regarding the date of the Guterres framework, and asked, “If there is a document dated 30th June, why we are discussing July 4th?” He also asked why Mr. Anastasiades had referred to the June 30th document in his letters to the UN Secretary-General after Crans Montana.

“The truth is different. This document reveals something concrete and Mr. Anastasiades needs to evaluate this at the negotiations. Mr. Akıncı says that they [the Turkish Cypriot side] are ready to resume negotiations immediately if we accept the UN Secretary-General’s document.” Kyprianou said.

Kyprianou continued: “If [Turkish Foreign Minister] Çavuşoğlu was the one who spoilt the dinner, the UN Secretary-General should not absolve Turkey from its responsibilities. If the Greek Cypriot side was absolutely in the right as Mr. Anastasiades has claimed, I have no doubt that Mr. Anastasiades would have had a strong reaction. Why he has not contacted the permanent members of the Security Council now? Why there is no reaction from our side?”

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