OTEM (Hotel Tourism Education Centre) Hospitality Training Centre


OTEM Hospitality Tourism Training Centre has been re-opened in order to train qualified personnel in the tourism sector.

Speaking at the event, OTEM Director Emirali Çobanoğlu said that the centre, which has been successful in the graduation of 839 people to date, will continue to offer new jobs to young people by explaining that they are trying to make up for the shortcomings of the sector.

Labour and Social Security Minister Zeki Çeler stated that he supported the Ministry of Tourism and Environment in their efforts to increase these schools.

It was emphasised that the cooperation of the two Ministries is needed to guarantee employment for young people who have trained in such schools and they have started to create resources to support the sector with an incentive premium system for work for the citizens of the sector and that they will provide many incentives for the people of the country to work more and work in the private sector after the election period.

Tourism and Environment Minister Fikri Ataoglu also stated that it is a crucial issue for tourism, as it is a topic that needs to be addressed with all stakeholders in the tourism sector and the community sector.

Emphasizing that the citizens of Turkey are very important to tourism, to own and to work in the sector, Minister Ataoglu said that his Ministry will cooperate with the Ministry of National Education and Culture, the Ministry of Labour and Social Security and other organizations in the sector.

Ataoğlu also stated that in the near future, TRNC citizens will have significant advancements in the economy by promoting tourism and promoting the use of local products in the sector, noting that efforts will be made to train qualified intermediate workers and provide job guarantees for trainees.

Minister Ataoglu stated the belief that the desired figures for local employment in tourism will be achieved with the increase of such centres for training intermediate staff.

There were 49 people who participated in the training program, which had the slogan “The Trends Influencing Tourism in Northern Cyprus”, and they were issued with certificates.