Fikri Ataoğlu receives tourism promotion award


TRNC Minister of Tourism and Environment Fikri Ataoğlu received the Tourism Promotion Award at the 14th City and Life Awards ceremony.

Under the main sponsorship of Sanko Holding, representatives of the public, local governments, non-governmental organizations and the business world showed great interest in the 14th City and Life Awards ceremony which was held in Istanbul.

The awards, which were set by a jury of 40 people, among them leading scientists, urbanization experts and non-governmental organizations, are shown as the longest-running event in this area.

The awards were presented by the journalist Celal Toprak under the City and Life program and are described as “Oscars” in the field. In order to encourage and honour the people and institutions that produced the project, the Traditional City and Life Awards have become the meeting point of people and institutions who have done excellent work in their field.

The decision of the Jury reasoned that “Northern Cyprus, which is compressed with embargoes on all sides, with the exception of Turkey, has undertaken an important task in the promotion of tourism. Northern Cyprus has become a country that has attracted more attention in the period of your ministry”.

Fikri Ataoglu, Minister of Tourism and Environment, started his speech saying “The most important problems of our country and the world is in respect of the environment.  We must meet the needs of today’s generation without compromising the needs of future generations. Factors such as population growth, urbanization and industrialization play an important role in the increase of environmental pollution”.

Ataoğlu stated that the environmental problems, especially since the second half of the last century, are the biggest problems that occupy the world’s agenda.  Ataoğlu stated that the amount and types of waste left in the environment are increasing due to factors such as population increase, urbanization and acceleration of industrialization.

He pointed out that the concept of “sustainable development”, is expressed in terms of meeting the needs of today’s generation, but not jeopardising the needs of future generations both nationally and internationally.

Underlining that sustainability in all areas of life, especially in tourism, will only be possible in a healthy environment, Ataoğlu said that States should make efforts in order to determine their politics according to these facts, take precautions and take necessary steps to create a liveable country with liveable cities.

At the end of his speech Ataoğlu delivered greetings from Northern Cyprus, and said that Turkey will continue to promote the work being done in different regions.