Mothers’ Day message from TRNC Minister of Tourism and Environment


Tourism and Environment Minister Fikri Ataoglu has posted a message in respect of Mothers’ Day.

Minister Ataoglu, in his message, said he is looking forward to a hopeful, hardworking, idealist generation which is the most important contribution from  mothers.  He said:  “The virtues such as compassion, goodness, beauty, patience, justice and equality that all mothers have in their hearts, regardless of where they live in the world, whatever social status they live in, sheds light on the mother’s heart and soul. It must be our duty to try to satisfy our mothers’ hearts with love and to be worthy of the mercy, compassion and care given by our mothers every day we live.

Our mothers, who are the source of benevolence, unrequited labour, self-sacrifice and love, are the source that brings us into the world and allows us to grow in the best way. There is no other value in the world that can be substituted for motherly love. We must embrace our mothers, who are the most important treasures in life, with love, not only on Mothers’ Day, but throughout life. Mothers who have always undertaken a great responsibility in raising healthy generations with love and compassion are the main pillars of family and community life. Mothers who raise their children with great sacrifices and strive to prepare for tomorrow in the best way have become the most reliable and greatest source of love, morale and power for people of all ages.

Considering the family institution as very important, our culture gives importance to motherhood. Our mothers respect our culture and transmit it to future generations. It will be possible to raise generations who have national and moral values, who conduct their lives with personal integrity, who do not grow up in the face of difficulties and who have fully absorbed their moral values, with the dedication of their mother and with all her efforts.

I wish this meaningful day will contribute to the development of maternal consciousness and to a better understanding of the value of our mothers. I celebrate Mothers’ Day for all women who we cannot measure with unrequited love, sacrifice and patience, with any material value, I salute each with respect and love individually”.