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A NIGHT AT THE MOVIES – Broadway and Disney


By Peri Sualp……..

I am so excited as we are in preparation for a new concert – A NIGHT AT THE MOVIES.  It will be a musical concert where all the songs are a collection from Broadway and Disney musicals or movies.

I will be performing with two time Grammy nominee, gorgeous Demetra George Mustafaoğlu who is my tutor and mentor and the fascinating countertenor Nuri Harun Ates when every time we have a concert, I get to learn something new from him. My favourite accompanist, super talented pianist Onder Cebeci will be accompanying us with his magical fingers. Last but not least, amazing dancer Evgenia Zhilskaya will add extra movement and colour to our stage with her perfect dances.

Peter Pan and Pocahontas……Maria from Sound of Music and Dorothy from Wizard of Oz

We have had concerts together before but each time we improve our show with more costumes and props and stage decorations. We have changed many things and added many new songs. I can’t wait for the day of our performance as I already feel ready to take our audience to the fantasy world we are preparing for them. There will be the story of the characters who never grow old and live in Neverland until we call on them to share their stories with us. In this magical show, Peter Pan and Tinkerbell will mesmerise you. Maria from The Sound of Music will charm you with her songs. Courageous Pocahontas and spiritual Mary Poppins will glamorize you. And many more.. I don’t want to give away everything as I don’t want to spoil the fascination of the concert.

Neseli Saatler show on Genc TV and A Cup of Conversation show on BRT

In between rehearsals we also went to TV channels upon invitation. Last week we did a show with Nese Egemen for ‘Neseli Saatler’ for Genc TV which will be on air on 24th April at 15.30 and we were at ‘A Cup of Conversation’ show at Can Gazi’s studio at BRT which will be on air 21st April at 12.00noon. Both were so lively and up tempo. Can Gazi was our guest star in our previous concert at Bellapais Abbey as our genie. He might surprise you once again in our upcoming concert.

Above all the excitement and joy of this coming concert, what pleases me most is the aim of the concert. “A Night At The Movies” will be held for the benefit of “Kemal Saraçoĝlu Foundation For Children With Leukemia and Fight Against Cancer”. Being a child, I feel privileged to have the chance to help children who are fighting this terrible illness. I am giving up many things, especially from my school and lessons to prepare this concert and so are the other members of the show, therefore I believe it is not too much to ask people to come and support us by purchasing a ticket and helping the children with leukemia.

The concert will be on 28th April at 20:00pm at the Ataturk Kultur Merkezi (AKM) Lefkosa (behind the Turkish Embassy). We have treats and drinks for children and wine for adults before the concert between 19:00-20:00. Children who come early in costumes will have a chance to sit at the front or on the stage with the performers and be interactive. This will be an event which children as well as adults will enjoy. Our tickets are on sale in Deniz Plaza both in Lefkosa and Girne for 35TL. Seats and tickets are limited so if you don’t want to miss this night, hurry and get yours.

Hope to see you on the night of the event. I’ll be there…..



Ps: You can always donate to “Kemal Saraçoĝlu Foundation For Children With Leukemia and Fight Against Cancer” by contacting 0392 227 0616 or purchase from the wonderful products they are selling.