December 10, 2023


Training of Investigation Officers in cooperation with the TRNC Ministry of Tourism and Environment and the General Directorate of Police has been completed. 

The 23 Environmental Officers, who have been trained in the relevant legislation, will be able to prepare files and bring them to court, as well as punish environmental polluters.  Tourism and Environment Minister Fikri Ataoglu and Police General Manager Süleyman Manavoglu presented certificates to the Environmental Department staff who successfully completed the training.

The Minister of Tourism and Environment Fikri Ataoglu said that as a result of the training which took place in conjunction with the Ministry and the PGM, the Environmental Department personnel started to investigate the people who did not pay the penalties and to prepare the files and to bring them to the prosecutor’s office and the court. As a result of the course, Ataoğlu stated that the knowledge of the staff of the Environment Department had improved and they will continue to work to create awareness about the environment.

Minister Ataoğlu said that he wanted to make environmental controls more comprehensive in cooperation with the police and local government by making necessary changes in the environment and stressed that not only institutions or organizations, but all people, are responsible to ensure a clean environment.

Ataoğlu underlined that the prevention of pollution, the protection of nature and the awareness of the public are the priorities for leaving a good environment for future generations, and expressed the belief that these steps will increase the sensitivity to the environment.

At the certificate ceremony General Director of Police Süleyman Manavoglu stated that the Environment Department gave the Investigation Officer Basic Training Course for 23 personnel and all the participants completed the course successfully.

Manavoglu: The training period was for one week and the course covered – Environmental Law, the Law on Civil Rights, the Code of Criminal Procedures, as well as file construction and evaluation issues.  Manavoglu also stated that the course was extremely useful and that his teammates would become more conscious of doing their tasks properly.

Coordination between agencies in preventing crime and coordination of administrators is extremely important. “People who commit crimes against an educated and determined government official will always have to step back,”  he said.

Mr. Manavoglu also gave his thanks to the Personnel staff of the Environment Department who participated in the course and the police officers who carried out the training.

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