GAU celebrated World Theatre Day with wonderful stage plays


By Peri Sualp……..

27th March was World Theatre Day and there were many plays that were staged in our pretty little Mediterranean island.

My mum and I tried to go to as many as we could. We shouldn’t miss the opportunity that doesn’t always arrive. We especially attended GAU’s theatre festival as it was very close to our house and they had invited many well known experienced theatre actors.

It was really amazing to watch them acting. Most of the plays were amazing too. Despite the fact that the sound system of GAU’s Spectrum Hall needs renewing (or maybe repaired), and I couldn’t hear anything at all at times as we were sitting at the back.  I mostly enjoyed the plays we went to see. Among the actors there were Haldun Dormen, Zuhal Olcay, Burak Sergen, Selcuk Yontem, Cihan Unal, Can Gurzap, Deniz Cakir, Derya Alabora and many more.

Among the theatre plays that we had the opportunity to watch there was one that I really enjoyed and I choose as my number 1 favourite and that was the play staged by GAU drama department senior year students.

It was a fantastic play and everyone watched it with great pleasure bursting into laughter. It was called “sahane dugun” which means ‘wonderful wedding’.

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The players were Acelya Bukulmez, Bahar Sevinc, Ali Mda, Yunus Kaya and Alina Moraru. The play was directed by Nehir Demirel.  I wish they would stage the play again to give me a chance to watch it again one more time. I hope they all have a bright future in their careers.

Every year GAU Theatre Festival becomes better and better  so thank you Kurtulus Altayli and your friends for the realisation of this year’s festival. You did a great job and I am already excited thinking of what you may produce next year .

I wish everyone days full of enjoyment with music and art.