Global Healthcare Travel Council


Tourism and Environment Minister Fikri Ataoglu attended the Global Health Care Travel Council with 47 delegates from 38 countries as an Honorary Board Member. In its second year a special session of the World Health, Sports and Alternative Tourism fair was held under the auspices of Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

World Health Tourism Council Founding President, Emin Çakmak, stated that Azerbaijan has been elected to take over the Chairmanship, with Ruslan Guliyev as President.  Ahmet Savaşan of the TRNC was elected as Vice President and Constantine Constantinides from Greece was elected as Secretary General.

Minister Ataoğlu said it was an historical moment that Northern Cyprus is represented in equal terms with 57 other countries along with all of their flags as well as the flag of the TRNC and he thanked Founding President Emin Çakmak for this important representation.

Ataoğlu stated that they saw a potential of 1.5 billion people in a distance of four and five hours flying to North Cyprus and said “We are encouraging these areas like many countries in the world in order to develop sport tourism and other alternative types of tourism in our country. We are taking steps to support the function with high legislation and regulations”.

Underlining the fact that all delegates gave a positive vote to the Global Health Care Travel Council for election of the Vice-President from the TRNC, Ataoğlu noted that the success achieved was an historic moment. Ataoğlu said at the end of his speech “I wholeheartedly thank all countries and delegates for my country and our people”.

Savaşan: Northern Cyprus has important advantages in health tourism.  He said that the TRNC was accepted as the 54th member country to the World Council and that in 2017 he was a member of the board of directors of the World Council. In his talk, Ahmet Savaşan said that the geographical location, historical, touristic and human characteristics of North Cyprus, as well as the state of the art devices in the hospitals and in vitro fertilization centres, accreditations, as well as medical wellness, spa practices, and price advantages combined with potentials in advanced age and disability tourism, all of which are essential for being preferred in health tourism.

Savaşan stated that the World Health Tourism Council will make a great effort to increase and develop the existing cooperation with the 57 countries in 2018 to the highest level and declared that “Our aim is to take the Presidency of World Health Tourism Council to Northern Cyprus in 2020 and host the World Health Tourism Forum”

Emin Çakmak, World Health Tourism Council founder … We will continue to support the TRNC. He said that the projects will be completed and  new projects will be brought to life in order for the TRNC to be able to get the rights it deserves from Health and Sport Tourism companies.

Ruslan Guliyev: 1 nation in the World Council 3 states … Turkey, Azerbaijan and TRNC take place equally in a nation under the umbrella of the World Health Tourism Council, three states in terms of showing the reality of a very great sense of expression.  “World Health Tourism policies guiding such an important international platform in North Cyprus.  We are very pleased that Ahmet Savaşan is acting as Vice President. I congratulate him and I am sure he will give important contributions to the Council and I wish him success “.

At the plenary session, which was held with the main theme of sharing knowledge it was decided to hold the 3rd World Health Tourism Form in Azerbaijan’s capital Baku on February 25, 2019, with membership of new countries such as Lithuania and Iran, and various accreditations and certifications of establishments such as hospitals, clinics, intermediary institutions, wellness centres which are active in tourism.