Cyprus Offroad Attack 2018


By Ahmet Abdulaziz…….

The Offroad enthusiasts enjoyed the 200 kilometre long “Çangar Motors Ford Cyprus Offroad Attack 2018” race last Sunday 8th April. The race was organised by the Kyrenia Offroad Society, and was sponsored by Çangar Motors.

The race consisted of 4 sections, each of which was a difficult race course, which posed serious challenges to the drivers, who exhibited their complete control over the steering and the wheels.

  • The “Ranger section” of the race started from Mevlevi village to Akdeniz.
  • The “Focus section” was from Bellapais to Esentepe.
  • The “Fiesta section” was run on the Alagadı track.
  • The “Kugu section” of the race was contested at Esentepe.

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On a overall basis Halim Kahveciler- Ramazan Uzun duo using the Nissan Patrol, got the top position in the “Rally category”.

The Sander Kahveciler – Eser Sulo won the “Raid category”, contesting in a Land Rover Discovery.

Vural Tabak won the “Macera category”, in an ATV.

The prizes to the winners were distributed at the end of the day.

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