KAR Epidemic – Update April 11th 2018.


Readers Mail…..
Kim Betts – Kyrenia Animal Rescue…..

Again our heartfelt thanks for the donations that are coming in – it is amazing how many wonderful people have donated money, sent messages and offered to come along and physically help us up at the Rescue Centre  (even willing to fly over from the UK to help). THANK YOU

What can we say about KAR staff and volunteers !!!!! Their determination and hard work has been above and beyond the call of duty – they have worked tirelessly alongside vets – day in and day out often working on their days off – their commitment to KAR is fantastic.. THANK YOU

As you know last Friday (6th) we had already lost 80 dogs to this dreadful disease. On Friday an emergency team went to KAR and began to administer vaccinations.

Dogs that were already showing symptoms could not be vaccinated (as the vaccine can lower further their immune system and can add to the seriousness of the disease) but the symptomatic dogs were put onto intensive treatment for their symptoms. They were cannulated and intravenous fluids and medicines were given – for at least 3 days.

Between Friday and today (April 11th) we have lost a further 15 dogs and currently have 65 dogs on the intensive treatment after showing symptoms.

However bad it may sound we are remaining positive  – we have to.

Of the dogs who began their 3 days intensive treatment on Friday 6th– some have survived and are greatly improved. It is hoped that they can begin an antibiotic programme on Saturday 14th.

Although we have 65 on 3 day intensive treatment – they are very sick but  the number of fatalities seems to be reducing.

Each day sees changes to the situation at the Rescue Centre and the dogs are certainly still at high risk – but we will continue to do everything that we can to help reduce the deaths, reduce their pain and symptoms and also to contain the spread of this really nasty disease Distemper.

We are still in Lock Down and are a long long way from the finish line but at last we can see light at the end of the tunnel.

Further updates on the situation and the fantastic donations will be published as soon as we can.

Thank you….


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