North Cyprus : Trevor’s Tips for April 2018


By Trevor Hughes……

Change of Ownership Details on your Log Book.

If you have followed the correct procedure when  privately selling your motor vehicle, the log book must have the new owner’s name entered on it within 7 days from the date entered on the Tr 2 form.

The 7 day period includes Saturday and Sunday and any Bayram holidays which occur during this 7 day period.

Failure to meet this 7 day period, for each and every day after the date registered on the Tr 2 form, the buyer will be fined 70TL per day, This is over and above the fee charged to enter the new owner’s name on the log book.

If for whatever reason, you cannot meet the 7 day deadline, to avoid being fined, you will need to complete a new Tr 2 form and the seller of the vehicle to go to their Muhtar and obtain hıs signature on the new form. Now this could prove problematic if the previous owner has left the island for good.

You,  the seller,  are are not required to go to the Vehicle Registration Office in Lefkoşa with the new owner, but it may be wise to go with him/her to ensure the log book is registered in his/her name.

There have been instances where this procedure has not been followed and you, the original owner, will accumulate all the road traffic offences and fines, because the car is still officially registered in your name. Don’t leave anything to chance!!


Car/Vehicle Insurance

Capital Bank are making available to their customers a policy discount of up to 80% for insurance when making financial investments with them.

Because of the current TL to Sterling exchange rate, several of our customers are enjoying third party costs of £55.00 (depending on their type of vehicle/ engine size).

They are also insuring vehicles on a fully comprehensive basis up to the age of 20 years old from the model year entered on the insıde of the log book (koçan).

Classic registered vehicles can benefit from their breakdown recovery service, unlike most other insurance companies.

These are just a few of the additional benefits available to you as a Capital İnsurance Customer.

Why not pop into our office in Alsancak or call 0533 844 3403 – 0533 825 6753 and see for yourself just how you could benefit from insuring your prized possesions with peace of mind. Their insurance policies for cars and houses cover more than most of their competitors.

If you have a Capital Bank Account, you can also pay by standing order installments over a 6 month period at no extra cost to you. This will help you to get on enjoying life here, which is why Northern Cyprus is your chosen place to retire. On Wednesday night 28th April, the Lapta area and surrounding districts experienced torrential rain and gusts of wind in excess of 100 mph, causing several properties to suffer storm damage.

Storm Damage

On Wednesday 28th March a customer reported  damage, and within 20 minutes an assessment officer was at the damaged property, within a further 40 minutes a builder to assess the damage was also there and a further 20 minutes on two members of Capital Insurance claims department also attended. Damage assessed and the claim was authorised and permission for the repair to commence was given.

All carried out with minimum fuss, now that’s what I call service.

Number Plates

Sparkes Yapi Market on the main road in Lapta, can now produce number plates with the new blue flash at a cost of only 80TL per pair, which is cheaper that the vast amount of outlets providing this service.

Travel Insurance

If you purchase travel insurance from a Tukish agent and intend flying from Larnaca, if when making a claim, please ensure you otbain an In’s and Out’s record and hand it over with your claim evidence, otherwise your claim will get delayed.

  • To obtain a record of your In’ and Out’s.
  • Go to the main police station in Girne and collect the application slip, for completion.
  • Ensure you have your passport with you for police inspection.
  • Take with you a postage stamp to the value of 13.5 TL. [the cheaper option]
  • When called into the office hand over the documents to the officer on duty who will process your application.

Vehicle for sale

If anyone is looking for a reliable cheap run about, look no further.

  • Mitsubisi Colt plus in black.
  • 1.5 cc.
  • Year 2010.
  • Milage 35231 km.
  • Full service history from Tiga Motors.
  • Good condition inside and out.
  • MOT due in February 2020.
  • Road tax end of May 2018.

Priced at £5500

For more details call  0533 885 1941. Genuine reason for selling.

Bayram Holidays

There is only one Bayram holiday this month which is on the  23rd April. For this day all banks, Government and Local Government offices will be closed for the day!


For any further information please email me through the contact box below.


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