Journey into Cyprus : East to West

By Margaret Sheard …

The journey has started for Yalçın Adal and Stavros Protz as they complete the first 2 days of their epic 16 day  journey walking from east to west of Cyprus in the name of Peace and reunification.

While I write they are continuing on Day 3 of the walk.  Yalçın is Turkish Cypriot and his good friend Stavros is Greek Cypriot, they both live in Melbourne, Australia.

Courtesy is given to Yalçın and Stavros for text and pictures from their facebook page Journey into Cyprus – East to West –

 Day 1 – 21st March

The start was from the tip of the Karpaz – Cape Apostolos Andreas and continued to Apostolos Andreas, Rolling Rocks, Aphendrika and ending at Dipkarpaz.   This is what they said “Day 1 was like a walk in the park, it was full of excitement, adventure and surprises.  The Karpaz Peninsula is truly one of the most beautiful parts of this vastly diverse island.  The walk was exciting, emotional and exhausting”.

Day 2 – 22nd March

Starting from Dipkarpaz the route was Kaleburnu, Kuvova, Ayios Symeon.

Day 3 – 23rd March – It is Stavros’s birthday today and he is celebrating it with his friend Yalçın, on the third day of their walk east to west in Cyprus, I wonder how the feet are bearing up?   Only 13 more days to go!


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  1. They should be aware that many people do not want reunification or believe that it could ever work in the interests of the Turkish Cypriots.