My kind of virus!

By Peri Sualp……..

Unfortunately terrible illnesses exist in the world. Some can be fatal and some can make you suffer all through your life.

I wish there was no illness, therefore no pain and suffering and death before time – no one deserves that.

On the other hand there are temporary illnesses (luckily!) from which you eventually recover; such as getting a cold, as it is called in public. But what we call ‘a cold’ is either microbes or a virus that we get from external sources. You can be infected either from the air or from others who are already infected. As they both are mischievous and super friendly! they can spread so easily among people and attack them in order to change their lives into misery! They especially love cold days so their services on our bodies are really popular nowadays!

Depending on the type of cold you catch, the package might differ! The cold package might contain fever, coughing, sneezing, running nose, headache, stomach ache, diarrhoea, nausea and vomiting! Sometimes one or few of these symptoms or sometimes all of them at the same time. Due to these symptoms you might feel like you are dying! Even though you know you will eventually recover you still can’t get away from the feeling of death. I am sure each and every one  of us has experienced this feeling whilst suffering from a bad infection.

Well I am one of the victims who get my share from these seasonal popular viruses! My virus turned out to be really stubborn and highly friendly because it doesn’t seem to leave me alone up until today. It came to me at the end of January and I had to spend all my time with it, including my annual ski holiday, theatres and concerts I attended, school, lessons, meals… I mean literally everywhere! It even sleeps with me and keeps reminding itself continually…. At the very beginning it was worse but now it still makes me cough every minute and second, believe me it’s dreadful. Due to the long term use of medicines I am having nausea and I started to have allergies, I am afraid my virus is slowly transforming me to its own special self!! I wish it didn’t love me that much!

I wish healthy and happy days for all of you in the coming

wonderful spring time.