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Alsancak Belediyesi and KAR unite on new project


By Kim Betts – KAR …

Alsancak Belediyesi recently asked KAR to a meeting with some of their representatives. They wanted KAR’s expertise and knowledge to help them with their new project.

The Belediyesi are planning on having a specific dog walking and dog owner’s area attached to the recently opened Ozgurluk Milli Park. Many residents had expressed concerns that the Milli Park is a No Dog zone.

This new area, (separated but next to the Milli Park) will be only for dogs on leads and will actively encourage “responsible” owners to clear up after their dogs – with plans for signs and bins to that effect. There will likely be a café and a meeting area. It is hoped that it will become a safe and pleasant place to walk dogs

KAR will be advising the Belediyesi on all aspects of the development, completion and running of the dog park – to include natural areas for walking, potentially a meeting place for school visits and also maybe an area which could be used for puppy training.

Further details will be provided once further planning meetings, between Belediyesi representatives, KAR and the Mayor (Firat Ataser) are completed.

KAR are very pleased to be involved in a project which should improve facilities for dogs and will also encourage responsible ownership.