December 9, 2023

By Ahmet Abdulaziz …

Adam Smith would  have never thought of where his views  would lead this world to, when writing the “Wealth of Nations”, or when bringing to light the idea of Laissez Faire Economy.

In the same way Karl Marx too would never have thought of the end results when writing “Das Kapital”.

When I look around the world, I feel sorry for the above pioneers or visualisors of the economic systems that we presently know as capitalism and communism and socialism. Indeed they were visualisors and thinkers, not the implementer of the systems. But the present day world keeps on remembering them both in good and bad names.  Unfortunately it is only those who get rich in either of the systems, who praise the system.  But what about the poor, who we see in millions and millions everywhere in the world.

I personally believe that both capitalism and communism are partially good and partially bad. So are any other marginal systems that we read about frequently.  The reason is that every system is very good in books, but face a lot of unwritten and unthought situations, when put into practice.

But basically I personally feel that none of the systems  carry in itself a perfect understanding of human nature.  The founders of both the systems had never thought that some people would come up and hijack the real theory of the system, and implement it to gain personal benefits. This is what happened to communism. And this is what’s happening to Capitalism. Had not hundreds and thousands people been herded in the killing cold of Siberia, by Stalin, just to mold the communism to his own views. Those who succeeded him used the name of communism just to drive benefits for some at the expense of others.

This is what is happening to Capitalism too. Capitalism is far better than communism, but only because it provides people with a chance to make their own decisions independently. But in reality we see that capitalism no more cares about humans. We see hundreds and thousands of people in the USA for example, who do not have proper jobs, and survive on social help. Keeping human beings simply alive must not be the goal of a system. A system must make people happy. Unfortunately both communism and capitalism have failed in general in this aspect. Under communism, people do see themselves equal and alike with others, but they do not find a chance to do something which they think they can do more freely and in a better way. The system under communism is imposed so hard that people do simply get fed.

But when we see Capitalism in contrast, here we see that the systems have become a means to serve the wealthy class, who no more care about the rules of the game. The rich are becoming richer and the poor poorer. The whole system has become  a ploy in the hands of some multi-national banks and corporations, who have formulated their own rules. They have developed a system where every monetary transaction throughout the world, ultimately led to an increase in their wealth. The way the local banks have been linked to multi-national bans, and the way the World banks and other banks  make local governments change their policies not to the benefit of their people, but of the banks, sufficiently prove that the capitalism has been hijacked by the big banks and financial institutions, who control everything in this world.

The educational system on an overall basis, appears to lead a way to success to individuals, but in fact it leads to creation of workers, who would work for a penny to give the big boss a pound.  The wealthy people use the system to make themselves wealthier.

I would still be liking Capitalism, because it provides human beings with free will, and to make their own decisions.  But I do not like the system when I see that hundreds and thousands of people are being killed just because it would ultimately lead to sale of arms and ammunitions. The producers of arms and ammunitions  are the ultimate beneficiaries of every war, anywhere in the world, just because every war leads to a sense of insecurity to a number of countries, who end up slicing their budgets to finance ultimate purchase of arms and ammunitions. The sufferers would still be the poor, who would on one hand find a cut in their social benefits or social help, or find development projects shelved. Or on the other hand it would again be the poor who would get killed in wars. The poor are far too much at risk either way as compared to the wealthy ones.

But just not that, the producers of arms and ammunitions take practical steps to create situations among two or more countries to start wars. Not just that, they help those politicians to come into power, who would help them in buying more of their products. Arms would either be used to kill poor civilians or be kept in stock. All this at the expense of those poor workers who work hard to keep the system running and filling the safe vaults of the wealthy banks and multi-national corporations and arms producers, to name a few.

Looking all this, I ask myself, if this is the system that I like?  Unfortunately I cannot stop myself from saying No to myself.





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