A look at the BRS Monthly Newsletter

By Chris Elliott….

Every month the British Residents’ Society send out a very informative newsletter to their members covering a wide range of issues so this week we are looking at their March issue which contained very good information relating  to health and welfare and much more.

For many years the BRS have maintained close contacts with the British High Commission and we are highlighting the following news from the March newsletter:

“Government Liaison.

The British High Commissioner, Mr. Matthew Kidd, invited the BRS Committee to Shakespeare House on Thursday, 15th February. It was planned as a general meeting and for the High Commissioner to speak to the committee about the last public meeting, Brexit issues and other matters of concern to our members. There was open and frank discussion on issues such as security at Ercan airport and inconvenience to passengers, the consequences of Brexit, access to Wayne’s Keep cemetery from the North and health insurance for British citizens living in TRNC.

Mr. Kidd assured the Committee that he was doing all he could to get clarification on these matters and that he would certainly pass on our concerns to his successor, Mr. Stephen Lillie, who will take up his appointment in Spring 2018.”

“Meetings with Government Departments

On 12th February, our Government Liaison representatives met with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  We were informed that questions raised by members at the meeting with the Foreign Minister in December were being followed up but response has been delayed as a result of the number of changes in ministerial positions since the election.

We have been promised a meeting with the new Foreign Minister once he has settled into his position. The same applies to contact with Senior Civil Servants.

Requests by BRS and the Royal British Legion to access Wayne’s Keep Cemetery from TRNC rather than having to enter via the South, have been submitted to the Turkish Military Forces for consideration. The initial response is encouraging.

The Foreign Ministry is considering the relocation of the existing memorial, currently at the British Cemetery in Kyrenia, to Wayne’s Keep Cemetery where it was originally intended to rest.

The proposed new regulation on a Government Health Insurance Policy is still under review.”

This newsletter also gave some interesting information about the delivery of international mail to the TRNC,  Mobile phone registration and much more:

Left to right

Back row: Danny Dugan, Chairman:      Christina Smith, Vice Consul BHC: Michelle Martin, Health &

Welfare: Mike Diplock, Government Liaison: Peter Wilkins, Deputy Chairman & Government Liaison

Front row: Sandie Mansell, Events: Tina Sone, Honorary Secretary: Mr. Matthew Kidd, British High Commissioner to Cyprus: Diana Bujold, Publicity and Information