Animal care

Mum and Son reunited – in time for Mothers Day!

By Kim Betts – KAR ….

In May 2017 we arranged for a handsome black and white cat to travel to the UK. His name was Ben Iki.

He had been adopted by Jenny and Simon Collyer who have a holiday home here in TRNC. A close friend of theirs had been caring for Ben Iki whilst his travel preparations were completed. Sue was also looking after other cats in the neighbourhood – including Ben Iki’s Mum.

Ben Iki settled into the Collyer household really well and seemed to really enjoy the UK lifestyle.


On one of their regular visits to TRNC Jenny and Simon called into the KAR office for a quick chat with Kim. They had decided that is was only right that Ben Iki’s Mum (who was still around) should be given the same opportunity as Ben Iki – and so her travel preparations began. They had named her Olcay.

Sue agreed to look after Olcay for the 4 months needed before Olcay could travel. She was the perfect foster carer as Olcay already knew her.

Jenny and Simon visited TRNC again early in 2018 to have a “cat”ch up with everyone including Olcay.

Soon the day arrived for Olcay to travel to the UK. She arrived in the UK on Wednesday March 7th and was collected from Heathrow by a very excited Collyer family.


As you can see she has quickly learnt the art of “rug snuggling” and seems to be settling in very well.

We hope that Olcay has a wonderful Mothers Day – sharing it in the UK with her son Ben Iki and her adopted family.