World Women’s Day! : I am a fighter!

By Peri Sualp………

It is a known fact that women’s brains function in more complicated ways than mens.

Maybe this is the reason women could fight for their rights all throughout history. When you look at the situation of women in history, you’ll find out that they struggled a lot but also achieved a lot in terms of women’s rights. BUT, they still have to continue, as there is still a way to go.

Could you believe that even in the modern so called civilised countries it was only about a hundred years ago that women received the right to vote! There are some other countries that women received the right to vote only few years ago and there are some others where women still cannot vote! In some countries women have no right to have a driving licence – they are not allowed to drive a car! In some countries they are not even allowed to leave their home without their husbands.  In some countries women can even be charged for being raped. In some countries women are killed for honour and in some countries women are forced to get married while they are still children. Women are killed, beaten, humiliated, bullied, degraded, made to feel inferior etc. Unfortunately there are still places in this world where women have no rights! On the other hand there are many places where women have all the legal rights but are still pressurised by society. Even in civilised countries some work such as housework and taking care of the children is mostly done by women. Even though women are doing the same job, mostly the wages of women are lower than men. The number of CEOs or politicians are still countable all around the world. The list goes on and on.

Women work hard, a woman is resistant to many problems both mentally and physically. A woman can give birth to another human being. They raise the men who run this world (in a good way or bad way).  Women can change history or culture. Women can have an impact for the future. Women are powerful.  Women are emotionally strong.  Women are wives, daughters, sisters, mothers, mentors, workers, teachers, doctors, engineers, civil servants etc.. everything you can think of… but most of all they are fighters.  Women fight for their life and for the life of their children and most important they fight for the existence of the world, despite the men.

We are in the 21st Century and in order to achieve equal standards and rights with men, women still have a long way to go.

I am a fighter and I am proud to be a (young) woman.

Happy women’s day to all the fighters out there and those who support them.