North Cyprus : Trevor’s Tips for March 2018

By Trevor Hughes……


St David’s Day – Firstly, those of you who have a connection with Wales, I hope you had a happy St David’s Day.


St Patrick’s Day For those of you with Irish link Happy St Patrick’s Day on 17th March.



Some people are reporting that when renewing their driving licence, they are being asked to hand over their homeland driving licence. I have checked this out and it is not true and not a requirement. However, if you are asked to surrender your homeland driving licence tell the person who is making the request that you are no longer an owner of such a licence.

Application for a TRNC Driving Test

If you need to make an application for a TRNC driving licence for the first time because you have never driven before, or mislaid it and or you have never driven on the highway, legally, there is a procedure you must follow.

  • Register your intention that you wish to learn to drive with a legally registered driving school.
  • Obtain a form from the Tax office in Girne, which you will need to complete.
  • Go to your local Muhtar and ask him to give you a letter, signed by him confirming that you are a resident in his area and your passport.
  • Take a copy of your passport, the Muhtars signed letter and your completed application form to the Main Police Station in Girne and hand over the documents to them for processing. If all is in order they will process your application to the Ministry of Interior, in Lefkosa.
  • After two weeks, go back to the police station to collect your provisional licence. You can now go to your chosen driving school and learn to drive, the TRNC way. The driving school will asses your ability and inform you how many lessons, in their opinion, you will need have to successfully pass your diving test.


I had my two cataracts completed last month and what a difference it has made. Everything is much brighter and the colours are now vivid.

No more glasses for me and I can walk in the rain without the lenses having rain spots on the lenses and I can walk into places I wish to visit without them steaming up. I can also see what time it is from my bedside clock without fumbling for my glasses.

The ophthalmic surgeon I used is Dr Guvenir in Lefkosa tel 0392 223 66 40/1, well worth a visit. My lenses are the very latest bi-focal and anti-glare versions which cost slightly more, but well worth the extra spend!!

Money Exchange

A number of you are telling me that you are experiencing difficulty paying damaged/ de-faced sterling notes into banks. The directive is from the Central Bank and not the high street banks being awkward with you.

The best way forward is to go to a “money exchange” and change your sterling there.

If you are drawing sterling please make sure the notes are not defaced in any way if you are intending to make a transaction with a high street bank, here.

If you are exchanging large sums of money, please make sure that you get a receipt from the exchange outlet BEFORE you leave to make sure everything is in order. There has been one case recently where a person undertaking his exchange, was visited by the police authorities due to an allegation from the exchange outlet that he handed over less than was made.

The police took the claim seriously resulting in him being arrested prior to the police conducting their investigation.

Eye Drops

Since the last News Round an alternative eye drop medication for glaucoma sufferers is now on the market and is readily available from all chemists. The name of this product is Britosopt.  Check with your eye specialist before you purchase.

Child Car Seats

If you are having visitors with young children this year, the car seat Law for minors is the same as in the U K.

We have already received several enquiries for the hire of these seats, so book early to avoid disappointment. Our seats are fully sanitised and checked for safety after every use, unlike the seats offered by some taxi cabs which can be unsafe and absolutely filthy. For reservation call 0533 844 3403. Or 0533 886 2503.

Bayram Holidays

There are no Bayram holidays in the month of March.


Trevor Hughes


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