December 8, 2023

By Margaret Sheard …

We have received a request for help to find a long lost friend and Cyprus veteran from the early 1960s.

Morris Brand, who now lives in Kelty, Scotland, has made the request to find John Flood, and below is the information he has given about his old friend, who would now be in his 70’s.

By Morris Brand …

Back in May 1961, a bunch of 15/16 year old lads left their homes from all over the UK to embark on an 18 month training course at RAF St Athan in South Wales.  There were 3 of us from Scotland – myself (from Kirkcaldy in Fife), one from Dumfries who I found last year following an article in his local paper.  He just happened to be in Scotland when the article appeared as he has been living near Protaras in Cyprus for the last 10 years!  Then the third one is John Flood who originated from Paisley in Scotland. I met up with John when I was posted to RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus in 1964 but can’t quite remember when he left or indeed where he went after there.

We have tried various groups on Facebook, different associations including the Boy Entrants Association.  I have even had an article printed last month in the Paisley Express but all to no avail to date.

John Flood – back row, extreme left

A few weeks ago, I received another ‘possible’ lead to say that a John Flood (born 1944) – which would fit in – married a Constance E M James at RAF Akrotiri.  Unfortunately, I don’t have the date.

There were 19 of us who joined as motor mechanics back then and we know that one is deceased, one lives in Australia, one in New Zealand and at least one in Cyprus – John’s whereabouts are unknown. We are extremely desirous of finding him as we are having a reunion in June this year and would dearly love to see him there.


Of course John could be anywhere in the world and, as both our website and online Enewspaper reach readers worldwide, we hope that perhaps we may be successful in locating him to reunite him with his old friend Morris.    It is always a long-shot but maybe, just maybe, John or someone that knows him may happen to read our request for help.

If anyone can supply any information about John Flood please contact us at and we will be so happy to pass the information on to Morris.

2 thoughts on “Finding Friends : JOHN FLOOD, where are you now?

  1. I am a broadcaster at BFBS Cyprus, based at RAF Akrotiri. If I can help anyway by accessing local records then please let me know. I am also very interested about your search and the reunion. Will it be in Cyprus? If so, I would love to cover the search and reunion on BFBS. We could make it into a radio documentary.

    1. Thank you for your kind offer of help, we may take you up on that at some time. We didn’t have any response to the Finding Friends article but maybe something could come up at some time in the future. I will certainly let you know if we have any success.

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