November 30, 2023

By Peri Sualp…….

Like many other children who had completed their school examinations and enjoying a short holiday, I also have been having a rest and some fun.

On Saturday 3rd February I flew from Ercan airport with my mum to Istanbul and from there we drove for 4 hours to arrive at Dorukkaya Ski & Mountain Resort at Tazılar Village / Bolu Merkez / Bolu, Turkey.

At home in Cyprus we have mountains which are great, but here and the snow!! Wow, yes we have snow now in the Troodos mountains but here it was truly incredible and to be out every day in the snow like we did here and be laughing and falling over in the snow was just great fun.

Of course we came here to enjoy a little skiing and that was an incredible experience and at the end of the day I just curled up in bed, tired but happy and slept soundly until it was time to get up and do it all over again.

Soon it will be time to make that long return drive back to Istanbul this Saturday 10th February and from there fly to Ercan airport in North Cyprus and then make a short drive back to our lovely home where I can see my friends and pets again.

I am sorry that I have not been able to write my normal CyprusScene article but this weekend I will be back at my home and I promise to bring you my thoughts on issues I care about very soon.

Thank you.

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