October 3, 2022

By Chris Elliott….

We receive some great news from around North Cyprus and this week we received some really nice news from the Vouni King Hotel situated near the beach in Yeşilırmak which is such a wonderful peaceful place to the west of North Cyprus.

On Monday 5th February 20 children together with 5 teachers  from the Genç Bakış Education Center arrived to stay for two days to have some intense tuition to prepare them for their Lycee (High School) exams.

So what did they think of their stay at Vouni King,  well a group member said: ” We stayed 1 night and we had great l breakfast with daily egg plus lunches and delicious evening dinners  and everything was wonderful and we would like to say thank you to Bilgen abla. who looked after us so well. 

This was a truly wonderful  experience for our children”.

Margaret and I have stayed at the Vouni King Hotel and know just how nice it is and to meet the family who run the nearby Vouni King Restaurant is a pure delight,  you can read more by clicking here.

Bilgin and Cemal Yorulmaz

The beach is in a tiny sheltered bay and one of the original restaurants there has a vine which held the 1947 Guinness World Record Certificate – “Verico Vine owned by Seval Fehim of London, UK.  1.4 meters in circumference making it the largest vine in Cyprus, growing for the past 51 years at Vined Beach, Yeşilirmak”.    This would make it over 120 years old today.  It is amazing what can be discovered in these rural villages.

This really is a nice tranquil spot to stay as a base and then discover so many great historical and picturesque places as you travel eastward and if you are there during the strawberry season,  you can just sit and eat and enjoy daily treats of this lovely fruit.

If you would like to learn more of the Vouni King Hotel and Restaurant, visit their website where there are many pictures and information about activities etc. by clicking here  and also Facebook by clicking here   If you would like to make contact the email address is info@vounikinghotel.com

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