December 10, 2023

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Kudret Özersay has called on both sides in Cyprus to engage in dialogue before negotiations resumed. In a statement to TAK agency, Kudret Özersay conveyed his views and opinions on various issues, especially on Cyprus negotiations, in which he played an active role for 12 years.

Özersay stated that the negotiation process would turn into a vicious circle in Cyprus if negotiations were to begin again before there is a change in mind-set and before the two sides set out a joint consensus on the grounds and parameters for negotiations.

“It is about content and intention,” Özersay said, adding that the problem in the Cyprus negotiations was not about the method, as he learned from his 12 years of experience negotiating using a number of methods.

Pointing out that the Greek Cypriot administration is not ready to share the administration and wealth of the island with Turkish Cypriots, as confirmed by the UN Secretary-General, Özersay said that nothing has changed over time.

Whilst acknowledging that the mission of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is usually perceived as addressing mainly ‘the Cyprus problem and negotiations’ Özersay said that in addition to the Cyprus problem and relations with Turkey, Turkish Cypriot people’s views, thoughts, expectations, and position on other issues needed to be expressed properly through diplomatic contacts and dialogue.

Özersay said that a bi-zonal, bi-communal federation based on political equality has been referred to as the model of reunification for half a century. He added however, that the two sides had different understandings of this idea, so in reality there was not a common goal  over the course of the talks.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office


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