November 30, 2023

The Near East University has announced it will be establishing a “Museum of Art” in the near future. It is expected to start functioning in 2020, and the basic work has recently been started.

According to the press release issued  by the University, Dr. Mustafa Hastürk , the ex in charge of the Cultural office of  the TRNC, has been nominated to head the museum. The art museum 1museum is going to feature the art works of the old and new Turkish Cypriot artists.

The museum is expected to play an active role in the promotion of Turkish Cypriot art, both locally and in the world at large.

The museum will have all the characteristics and features of a modern day art museum. It will have facilities for art exhibitions, seminars, film and slide shows and will have the latest technological audio and visual systems. It will also host courses and seminars in the field of plastic arts.


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