December 9, 2023

Mağusa Kale Lions Clubs 2018 first monthly meeting celebrated and honoured their 1997 Charter Club Members.

L to R.. Ln.Raif Şerifoğlu, Ln.Seray Gürün, Ln.Fisun Esatoğlu, Ln Dr Ahmet Kirişoğlu, Ln.Dr Özmen İkibiroğlu, Ln.Hasan Ulusoy

On the 17th of January MKL Charter Members were honoured for their services and dedication to the establishment of the club’s official Chartering in the year of 1997. Charter Club Members Ln.Dr Özmen İkibiroğlu, Ln Dr Ahmet Kirişoğlu, Ln.Hasan Ulusoy and Ln.Raif Şerifoğlu were all present to receive their plaques by this year’s term Club President Ln.Fisun Esatoğlu.

Mağusa Kale Club President continued the ceremony involving the Club’s international relations with Dalyan Marina Lions Club from Turkey by presenting MD 118Y Past Term General Director Ln. Neşe Başak Güner with a plaque and officially announcing Lion Neşe Başak Güner as Mağusa Kale Lions Club’s Honoured Member.  Ln.Neşe Başak Güner had been present at the establishment of the club in the year 1997 and has since been actively involved in the club’s growing progress.

The ceremony ended with Northern Cyprus Lions Clubs Federation President Ln.Seray Gürün presenting Past Club Presidents with plaques.

1999-2000     Past President Ln.Özmen Ikibiroglu.
2000-2001 ve 2005-2006 Past President Ln.Ersan Saner.
2001-2002     Past President  Ln. Sansel Soyel.
2003-2004     Past President  Ln.Seray Gürün.
2007-2008     Past President Ln.Hüseyin Tuğyan.
2008-2010     Past President Ln.Ahmet Unvrn.
2012-2013     Past President Ln.Tuna Karatepe.
2013-2014     Past President Ln.Süheyla Üçışık Erbilen.
2014-2015     Past President Ln.Aysegul Sevdali.
2015-2016     Past President Ln.Seval Kirişoğlu.
2010-2011 ve 2016-2017 Past President Ln.Emine Suna Hasipoglu.
2008-2009   Past President and present Club President 2017-2018 Ln.Fisun Esatoğlu for their successful terms and dedication to the club.

Ln.Meyrem Dana

Mağusa Kale Lions Club Secretary

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