By Ahmet Abdulaziz…….

The Bedford buses were introduced in Cyprus during the late 1940s. They became the main source of inter village/city passenger transportation. However with the passage of time, the arrival of new brands of cars slowly made them become a part of the history of Cyprus transportation. Now we do not see the Bedford buses on roads in either parts of Cyprus.

However lately a couple of these old buses re-emerged on the roads,  not as regular official means of transport, but  to provide people a chance to re-live their past by travelling in them.

The buses are now being used for nostalgia tours.  Some people book these buses for private tours, whereas some even use it to be a part of their wedding or birthday celebrations.

These buses are very popular among those Cypriots who feel that the advanced technology has made their society move away from the past cultural practices. Tourists too like to enjoy a tour in these buses.

Still the old generation of Turkish Cypriots remember these buses. Some of them had travelled in them some 40 or 50 years ago. They love to re-live their past by travelling in them once again, maybe alone or with their grand children.