December 10, 2023

By Ahmet Abdulaziz…….

The Bedford buses were introduced in Cyprus during the late 1940s. They became the main source of inter village/city passenger transportation. However with the passage of time, the arrival of new brands of cars slowly made them become a part of the history of Cyprus transportation. Now we do not see the Bedford buses on roads in either parts of Cyprus.

However lately a couple of these old buses re-emerged on the roads,  not as regular official means of transport, but  to provide people a chance to re-live their past by travelling in them.

The buses are now being used for nostalgia tours.  Some people book these buses for private tours, whereas some even use it to be a part of their wedding or birthday celebrations.

These buses are very popular among those Cypriots who feel that the advanced technology has made their society move away from the past cultural practices. Tourists too like to enjoy a tour in these buses.

Still the old generation of Turkish Cypriots remember these buses. Some of them had travelled in them some 40 or 50 years ago. They love to re-live their past by travelling in them once again, maybe alone or with their grand children.

7 thoughts on “Old Bedford buses in Northern Cyprus

  1. Hi Ahmet, serving in Cyprus in the 1950s meeting one of these on a mountain road in the Troodos Mountains, well not so much a road? more a cutting in the edge of the mountain side. We call them the haram scare – em, to meet one coming round a corner at break neck whilst driving a tree ton truck with two wheels virtually hanging over the side of the mountain, then came the war of words as to who was going to reverse up or who was going to back down. those were the days all right, chicken and goats on top and some goats inside, but I never seen one chase or go over the mountain side. Yes I remember them well. Bob Scott.

    1. Does anyone know where these Bedford buses can be hired from and whether, in the summer, there will be arranged tours for tourists, please?

      1. Hi Tina, I have made contact with the people concerned and we will be meeting and will write more again very soon.

  2. Hello Chris,

    I don’t know what happens to the old scrapped vehicles in Cyprus as a whole. But I think they would be ideal for Tourism, if somebody could team up with the Ministry of Tourism, Find say six old cab and chassis, strip down the engines – re build them, then restore the old wooden framework as in the past and paint with a new livery, a livery depicting six area’s of TRNC. (example) I am certain a mechanic would like to take such a project along with an able carpenter.

    Put out an appeal for old photographs or plans any one might have, to bring history back to life, rolled out one at a time. Come on folks get a restoration project going with enthusiast.

    Best of luck Bob Scott. UK.

    1. Thank you Bob,

      We are in contact with the owners of the two buses mentioned in the article and hope to find out more soon.

      1. Chris, What delight to see these buses running once again, especially not having to think of them tearing down a mountain side to get to market on time, no doubt a more leisurely pace for the tourist of today. Only two in existence doing these Historical events? What a good sixth form project it would be, to re-learn these old skills and build a third tourist bus? A delighted. Bob Scott.

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