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EFRAR : Three Brave Men of Esentepe

By Sue Steel – EFRAR 2018 committee member …

You have heard of the Three Wise Men, well Esentepe has the Three Brave Men and they are Paul Lee, Art Watson and Martin Foster.

These three men came up with the idea of having their heads or beards shaved in support of EFRAR 2018, supporting Tulips and they have decided to do this in support of all cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy and lose their hair.  These cancer patients have no choice so the men want to dedicate this shave to all of them.

The “Brave Shave” will take place at the end of the Abnormals’ Christmas Show on Friday 29th December at The Venue Restaurant in Turtle Bay near Esentepe and all three men are looking for sponsorship.

Mary Watson, Chair of the EFRAR 2018 supporting Tulips committee commented: “I think this is a great idea but I am not sure how my husband (Art Watson) will look with no hair but as it’s for Tulips and his hair will grow back, I fully support him and the other two brave men”

You can offer your donation on the EFRAR 2018 supporting Tulips Facebook page, by ringing Art Watson on 0548 8614873 or by sending an email to  You can sponsor one or all three, the choice is yours.

E.F.R.A.R. 2018 supporting Tulips

Raising money for TULIPS (Help Those with Cancer)