TRNC Young Badminton Players receive a pat on the back

By Ahmet Abdulaziz…….

Seymen G. Deniz and Eren Özyuyanik, our budding young badminton players, who had participated in the International Badminton Championship recently, visited Doç. Dr. Irfan S. Günsel, the President of the Board of Trustees of Near East University, to express their thanks and support to the sports in general and Badminton in particular.

Mr. Firat Deniz, the President of the TRNC Badminton Federation,  presented a  special souvenir and also a shirt of the national badminton team with the name of Mr. Günsel on it. “This is a small souvenir from our side, for the ongoing support of Near East University to the badminton players.”

In reply, in a short statement, Mr. Günsel thanked the President of the Federation for the souvenir, and congratulated the efforts of the federation for popularising and raising the standard of Badminton in the TRNC. He also congratulated the young players for their good performances in the latest tournament, and also expressed his hope for further improvement and better results in future.

He wished them good luck in the forthcoming World Championship, expected to commence on 13th December.

TRNC Young Badminton Players received a pat on the back