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Traffic Jams: Stress or “Me Time!”

Reader’s Mail….

Peri Sualp…

Traffic is one of the major problems all around the world. So why not here in our Cyprus!! It’s getting worse and worse every day.

For example, two years ago I was leaving home for school at 8.10am and 20 minutes was enough time to be at the school.  Last year I started leaving home at 8.00am and this year 7.50am! So according to this estimate I assume I’ll be leaving home at 6.40am by the time I graduate from school!!!  Doesn’t it sound insane for a 15 km distance?

Traffic!! It is the most disturbing issue in many people’s lives.  It may cause many problems, for example being late for work or school or getting bored to death when you have been waiting at the same place for the past half hour!  People who are stuck in traffic become aggressive and then you have disturbed drivers and awful words and sentences from mouths and furthermore fights right in the eyes of the public!  Another problem is having more accidents, the more you are held up in traffic the more careless you become and, since you are late, you then hurry to your destination without being careful for the traffic rules.

So how to deal with traffic:  First of all you need to get on the way earlier than you planned, better to be early than late.  When you are stuck in the traffic, don’t waste your time trying to find different routes to get out of the traffic jam as it would not help you but make it worse – it will just waste your time and most probably you may end up in worse jam and even more late! (that goes for Mommy).

If you get stuck in traffic when it’s the last thing you need to happen, just keep something in your car that makes you happy and calm so you can forget about stress and anger for a while! Remember, everybody around you is in the same situation as you are so don’t be mad at them.  If someone tries to disturb you just take a deep breath and only smile back.

You can always listen to your favourite music and try to enjoy the forced time you spend trapped in the car. Also, you can call (only if you are using a car audio or ear plugs) to catch up with your friends that you haven’t got in touch with for a long time or finish up business calls (and probably make mobile operators richer! ).

But when you think about it twice… Getting stuck in traffic, is not that bad after all!  It gives you time to think, time to relax with your music and time for yourself!!  It gives you “me time” that you never save for yourself.

No matter how much you get stuck in traffic, you should never let go of your hopes!  Eventually you’ll get to your destination


PS: Don’t forget to put on your seat belts and drive carefully!