TRNC students competing in the regional finals for the Hult Prize

By Taliya Khafizova……..


NORTH CYPRUS students prepare for HULT PRIZE regional finals to represent the island’s mind force in NEW YORK soon!

A team of the most talented, open-minded and ambitious students, representing Cyprus, are to join one of the registered 15 regions, such as Dubai, Cairo, Boston, San Francisco, to name just a few, at the upcoming Hult Prize Regional Finals happening on March 12, 2018. All the winners from international universities will be represented in Final Ceremony, taking place in New York.

In the course of this event, before the Final Ceremony, there are many activities including an exceptional Accelerator Program when THE TOP FIFTY HULT PRIZE STARTUPS SPEND EIGHT WEEKS IN THE CASTLE where Hult Prize highly qualified mentors help transform students into entrepreneurs.

The story behind Hult Prize Foundation is worth revealing. In 2009, an enterprising MBA student at Hult International Business School named Ahmad Ashkar had a compelling idea—leverage the crowd to generate startup ideas from young people to sustainably solve the world’s most critical and crucial social challenges.

1,000 students from 25 countries participated in this movement.In a few short years, the Hult Prize has become one of the most prestigious student competitions in existence today, offering teams unparalleled opportunities and resources. It is how one of the top world events has been created, now considered as ”Nobel Prize for Students” and featured in a TIME Magazine Cover Story highlighting the “Top 5 Ideas Changing the World.”

With the goal of educating and engaging students at its locus, this truly international prize has created a platform to support the launch of social enterprises that are tackling seemingly intractable global challenges, as the official site of Hult Prize Foundation puts it.

Striving to change the world with humanitarian projects, the students, on behalf of Girne American University and Cyprus, have taken the challenge to take part in this world-status event creating their own project, which would address this year’s challenge: “Harnessing the power of energy to transform the lives of 10 million people”  with US $1 million. Hult Prize Foundation states that when you harness the power of energy creatively, you can change the world. Therefore, the participants are encouraged to transform lives not only among the ultra-poor, but across every economic stratum in society. In order to do this, they are invited to look at six dimensions of energy use that affect all of humanity and ask the young entrepreneurs, international students, to find and develop energy-powered innovations that can be scaled to improve the lives of millions.

Hult Prize Foundation Prize is the world’s biggest engine for the launch of for-good, for-profit startups emerging from university with over 2500 staff and volunteers around the world. In nearly a decade, the movement has deployed more than $50M of capital into the sector and mobilized more than one million young people to re-think the future of business as it continues to breed disruptive innovation on college and university campuses across 100 plus countries.

The sponsors of this event include:

 Hult International Business School

The Hult International Business School (formerly known as the Arthur D. Little School of Management) is the first global business school with campuses in Boston, San Francisco, London, Dubai, and Shanghai. Hult’s one-year MBA program is ranked in the top 30 in the world by The Economist and number one in international experience by the Financial Times.

United Nations (UN) widely known as an international organization promoting international co-operation. Organization, was established on 24 October 1945 after World War II in order to prevent another such conflict and replaced the ineffective League of Nations.

EF Education First

EF Education First is an international education company that focuses on language, academics, and cultural experience. Founded in 1965 by Hult Family, EF’s mission is opening the world through education, through combination of training with cultural exchange, academic achievement and educational travel to deliver courses and programs that transform dreams into international opportunities.

You can find a full report on this year’s challenge through the link below.

Let`s keep an eye on what aspiring entrepreneurs of Cyprus do in order to change the world for the better in terms of energy use.

We therefore wish Girne American University students a lot of luck and power of the mind in order to reach the Hult Prize Finals and succeed further!

Source article : Cyprus Observer