The English School of Kyrenia (ESK) : “Grease”

By Margaret SHEARD….

Students of the English School of Kyrenia (ESK) gave 3 performances of their show “Grease” and we went along to see the last performance on Saturday evening 2nd December.

There was a very large audience which was probably mainly the mums and dads but, like us, there were others present who wished to see the show.

We were very impressed with the whole performance, the stage sets and props were brilliant and the cast made up from a range of age groups were superb and really enjoyed what they were doing and the audience also joined in with clapping along with some of the songs.

These young people must have worked so hard at rehearsals and should be so proud of their achievement in bringing a brilliant musical to the stage of ESK. Oya Akin of the Drama Department, Coodinator, said that the Grease team became her family during the rehearsal period and she is so proud of the cast and everyone who contributed this spectacular event.  Credit also must go to Ms Ahmet – Head of Music, Mr Akosman – Music Teacher, Ms Aygin – Dance Club leader and Ms Hedges – Head of Art.

When we arrived at ESK there was a lovely pink Cadillac parked outside which was very much in keeping with the era in which “Grease” was set.   During the musical there was a stage prop car which entered in front of the stage for the rendition of Greased Lightning, which went down very well with the audience.

At times the stage was full with the cast for various songs and they danced and sang their hearts out, giving much pleasure to those watching and listening.

The band playing at the side of the stage included Şaban ‘Joe’ Aygın – Bass, Mr Akosman – Guitar and Vocals,  Ms Ahmet – Piano (Led by Mr Akosman and Ms Ahmet).

It seems there will be more of this type of event in the future and if Grease is anything to go by, they will be a huge success.

Many photographs were taken during the show, so to see more have a look at the slideshow below.

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