North Cyprus Cricket: Creditwest Ladies Cricket Roller Coaster Ride

Lapta Lasses’ resounding win last Saturday 2nd December, over the Doğanköy Dollies at the Pia Bella Stadium, jumped them from last to first in the Creditwest Ladies Cricket League.

As scorer Kevin Mapp said, it’s been a roller coaster of a season, no team has remained top or bottom for more than a single match.

Batting first, the Lasses opened with the reliable Steph Routledge (35 runs) and new girl Julie Birch whose 28 runs caught everyone’s eye, including umpire Mike Prior who explained, with her natural talent she will be a star, adding it seemed a shame she was bowled by Lynn Holman on the last ball of her 6 overs.

Julie Birch batting Linda Hurley bowling with umpire

Next in were Captain Gina Mapp who top scored with an excellently controlled 36 and another less experienced player with huge potential Ann McLoughlin, who bullied 33 runs despite losing 5 runs when she was caught by Sarah Sandford again off Holman’s bowling. At the end of the pairs 6 overs they had taken Lapta to a record total of 131 runs. As the other umpire, Tom Shirley commented, it was a daunting total, achieved because the bowlers failed to take enough wickets.

Doğanköy Dollies reply commenced with the hard battling Lynn Holman (33 runs) and the unlucky Gloria Garcia who was first caught and bowled Mapp and then holed out to McLoughlin off Routledge, giving a pair total of 35 off their 6 overs. This left the final combination of Sarah Sandford and Linda Hurley a mountain to climb, which they determinedly set about, not losing a wicket until the last ball when Hurley was run out. By then, the deficit was 52 and in reality far beyond anyone.

Sarah Sandford wicket keeping with Julie Birch batting

Next Saturday’s final match of the season between the Girne Girlies and Doğanköy Dollies, promises a fascinating combination of possible league winners. If the Girlies win and score at least 40 runs they will be top on 39 points, whilst for the Dollies to take the honours it would be a little easier needing a win and a minimum of 30 runs to bring their total up to 39. However if it’s a low scoring match with the winning total being 29 or less, which has happened this season, then the Lapta Lasses will hold up the trophy. So all is to be played for at 11am at the Pia Bella Stadium.

Please come along and learn to play, its great fitness and no experience or equipment are needed. For more information please call Gina 0533 8332069.


Top L to R: Mike Prior (umpire), Kevin Mapp (scorer), Tom Shirley (umpire), Ian Fell (coach)

Middle row: Ann McLoughlin, Julie Birch, Steph Routledge, Gina Mapp

Front row: Linda Hurley, Gloria Garcia, Sarah Sandford, Lynn Holman