February 5, 2023

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From Kim Betts…

Many people will have seen the film (and wept a few tears !) about the true story of Hachiko (Hachi) the Japanese Akita who waited twice daily, for 10 years at Shibuya Train Station in Tokyo, waiting for his owner to return from work. Sadly his owner had died whilst at work and so Hachi waited and waited in vain.

Many miles away here in TRNC we have the true story of Hamish.

A report came into KAR (Kyrenia Animal Rescue) from  American tourists who were staying in Alsancak. During their visit, every day, they had seen a small terrier type dog sitting by a municipality bin. The dog was in bad condition and seemed to have a problem with his eye. He sat by the bin every day, all day and the tourists did not know what to do. The Centre supervisor, Elaine, went around to see the dog to see how/if she could help  – he was still there sitting by the bin just staring across the road.

He was in a real a mess – he was covered in ticks, fleas and obviously had an infection in his face and was very under weight and his coat was knotted and dirty.

Elaine took him home and discovered that he had a grass seed stuck behind his third eyelid – she removed it and tried to clean him up as best she could.

Hundreds of ticks and fleas were removed and he was bathed and matted fur was clipped to make him more comfortable. The following morning he went to the vet where he was found to have a very bad infection (caused by the grass seed) and he also tested positive for tick fever. He was named Hamish.

Hamish’s  treatment regime up at the Rescue Centre, included antibiotics for the infection and the tick fever, grooming, more bathing and clipping and good meals – alongside regular cuddles and fusses.

Enquiries were made and it was found that Hamish had lived in the house opposite the bin where he was found. He had lived there with his family, until the day that they put him out next to the bin … They locked up the house … and they moved away. They left poor Hamish discarded as a piece of rubbish  by the bin.

But Hamish was a loyal and faithful dog – he loved his family and he waited patiently day in day out – sitting watching his house and waiting … waiting for them to come back. Like Hachi he waited in vain.

Hamish is now a handsome, happy, healthy little dog who is very friendly.

He doesn’t want a statue put up next to the Alcancak bin (there is one outside Shibuya Train Station in honour of Hachi) but he would like something to call his own – his own family and his own home. He will be visiting the KAR Xmas Bazaar on Saturday December 2nd at the Pia Bella (10.30am) so if you would like to go along and meet him he would love to say hello.

In Japan they refer to Hachiko/Hachi as “Chuken Hachiko” – “Hachiko .. The Faithful dog”. Well we are sure that you will agree that our Hamish is “Chuken Hamish

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