After school clubs by Peri Sualp

By Peri Sualp…….

After school clubs, can be fun and exciting, but having after school clubs can also be hard work…It’s a mix of work and fun! You might also need to spend more time at home to complete your homework on time. Some children attend these clubs willingly but others do activities after school mostly because some parents can’t come and pick the children up earlier! Basically it’s just some extra time at the school with your friends!

You first have to sign up for a club of your choice among the options the school offers, then if you get chosen to join the club you prefer, you prepare the necessities for that activity! If you picked dancing club, you have to get suitable dance clothes and shoes! Or if you are going to homework club (which probably everyone would run away from) you would prepare your homework and pencil-case for the day your club is held!

If you do not want to go to that club anymore, you have to tell the teacher that you want to leave and why you want to leave as most kids just get out of the club without telling anybody. That is something wrong, because leaving the club without notifying your teacher would cause you a lot of trouble plus it’s rude.

Me in the centre with my friends

The after school activities also have fun and interesting things to do! For example in my school, I signed up and got into Drama and Music Clubs! They are so exciting for me because both are my favourites. Recently, the art, drama, music and dance clubs got together and prepared the musical show GREASE which was made famous by American Italian John Travolta and Australian Olivia Newton-John.

All of Cyprus is invited! The show dates are 1 December at 19:00 and 2 December at 16:00 and 19:00 at the English School of Kyrenia in  Bellapais.

Tickets are on sale for 10TL at the location and the good news is the money collected will all go to Tulips – Help Those With Cancer Association.

The show is about teenagers and their issues that go on in a high school. I’m lucky to have a part in it too, it’s small but I am like the salt in a dish – you can’t eat a dish without any salt right?

I hope everybody comes to this amazing show produced by ESK and directed by Ms Akın (actors), Ms Ahmet (singers), Mr Akosman (musicians), Ms Aygın (dancers), Ms Hedges (artists) and Ms Kyriacou (actors).

Please support our efforts and Tulips – Help Those With Cancer Association.
We go together” to help them!