December 6, 2023

Reader’s mail……..

Well done Margaret Sheard and Chris Elliott for your article regarding Baroness Meral Ece’s posting and the visit of TRNC President Akinci to meet the House of Lords group and other interested parties click here.

John Aziz Kent

This is a sign that even our friends in the House of Lords are resenting the way our Greek neighbours in Cyprus are treating the Turkish Cypriots as if we don’t live here anymore and they own everything including the lands that they forcibly took away from us before 1974.

Now they want to stop us breathing the Cyprus air and the world is doing nothing to stop them especially the EU and the UN.

What kind of unjust world are we trying to live in? Thank you dear Chris and Margaret for quoting Baroness Meral Ece’s posting in the social media pages following the visit of the TRNC President, Mustafa Akinci to talk to the All Parliamentary Group on Cyprus.

She is always outspoken and tells the truth and I would also like to thank our dear friend Lord Ken Maginnis for also supporting the cause of the Turkish Cypriots for so many years when those that could stop the current embargoes on the Turkish Cypriots chose to look the other way.

I also extend my sincere thanks to The Friends of North Cyprus and the UK All-Party Parliamentary Group for the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and all of the other people around the world who want to see justice and equality given to the Turkish Cypriots.

Baroness Meral Ece and Lord Ken Maginnis

I lived through those dark days when no Turkish Cypriot was safe and I had attempts made on my life because I tried to support the Turkish Cypriot cause.

Now is the time for Truth and Reconciliation as we have seen in other countries but if the Greek Cypriots want to live in the past with ongoing dreams of enosis, then now is the time for a two state solution to the Cyprus issue including recognition of the TRNC and its people by the world community.

John Aziz Kent,

Honorary President
Turkish Cypriot Hoteliers Association

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