December 8, 2023

By Peri Sualp….

Having a pet is like having your very own friend that you have to take care of.

It’s like taking care of a human baby. But if you don’t have a pet… you’re missing out so much!!! This is something like having no friends!

If you don’t have a pet and if you want to adopt one, then don’t waste your time and money in the pet stores! There are countless pets out in this world we live in that are waiting for you to finally come and give them a life and most importantly, love!!! So if you want a pet, then get it from out there, not from the pet stores!!! But if you have a pet already, you can still help the animals out in the streets that are all alone, starving! Don’t forget, all they are trying to do is survive! I think everyone can easily give a cup of water and some food to these poor souls.

Besides, if you decide to adopt a pet you can always visit and choose your friend from Hope4Pets or KAR (Kyrenia Animal Rescue) or a new shelter recently established by Kyrenia Municipality. All of these shelters help the homeless creatures a lot… but they can’t manage all of that work by themselves so they welcome donations and extra hands for help!

There’s another important issue that you should keep in mind; IF you decide to adopt a friend and eventually get one, you should NOT change your mind. I know it might be difficult to take care of the pets sometimes but once these animals find their home and ‘family’ they get used to us and later on if you get sick and tired of them and put them out in the streets that would be the worst thing that you can ever do to these helpless souls.

Put yourself in that situation and think how you would feel !.. left alone in the middle of nowhere, just crying for a home because you are hungry, thirsty and frightened but everyone ignores you purposely and you scream but your voice is just not loud enough to say the word “HELP ME !” …. How would you feel? Ask that question to yourself once! Not everyone has a cuddly place to sleep in…Not everyone has a soft pillow to put their head on. Nothing in this world is completely happy! Everyone has a problem, hard or easy! But helping these animal friends who are left alone on the streets is just very simple so I am hoping that we will help these deserted friends out in the streets by adopting them or just simply feeding them and eventually making them happy.

Here is a photo of a dog I am trying to help lately. This handsome and friendly boy will surely cheer up the family he will be adopted by.

Who will give my friend a home?

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