Roots Ramblers Begin Their 6th Season On Top Of The World

Thursday 2nd of November was the start of the walking season for the Roots Ramblers, Kucuk Erenkoy with 27 and a half people plus several dogs walking the ridge trail above Bahceli. After a beautiful walk which allowed people to choose to turn and return whenever they wished, all met back at Roots Bar for a bowl of hot soup and a catch up after the long, hot summer.

Tina Luckhurst, leader of the Ramblers, said,  “It’s a lovely walk to start the season with views of the North and the South of the island. But this year we were surprised at the huge number of empty gun cartridges that littered the track.”

The newest member of the group, 6 month old Olli, son of Roots Bar owners Hannah  and Ashley, decided that ‘push chair’ rambling was a little too bumpy on his bottom and preferred to be carried for most of the way!

“We call Oliver, Olli for short”, explained Hannah, ‘One Life Live It’ which is our family motto, and so far he has lead life to the full!”