February 5, 2023

Readers Mail
From Kim Betts…

It has been a busy few months for KAR Pet Travel. The number of pets who travelled during July and August was kept to only essential travel, as it is much too hot for the pets.

Many airlines worldwide have summer restrictions for travelling animals – however Turkish Airlines is one of the ones who do not. We have to take into account the ground temperature whilst loading and unloading and often, for those pets that must travel during July/August, we organise their flights to be late afternoon/evening and then early the following morning.

We also advise incoming owners to wait, if possible, until the real summer heat has reduced, so to make the move more comfortable for their pets – it can be a big shock to leave a dull cool 18c UK and arrive into 30c+ searing sunshine !!!

From September onwards the number of our imports and exports rose as many owners had been waiting out the summer. We have so many pets travelling (both in and out of TRNC) that we cannot tell you about all of them – but we do try as we know so many people are interested in our travelling pets.

Harika and Harvey Head Home


Annie had asked us to relocate her 2 dogs – Harika and Harvey. During the booking process the dogs were measured and it was found that they were both too large for the largest premade IATA compliant travel boxes available in TRNC. They needed bespoke ones which our carpenter would make. The boxes were made and Annie arranged for the boxes to be taken to her home so that the dogs could get used to them. This is so important, wherever possible, as it helps the pets feel more relaxed and secure when they do travel – it is one less “new” experience for them to deal with. We always advise owners about ways in which they (and us) can help reduce the stress levels for their pets – usually we find though that it is the owners who are more stressed – and no herbal calming collars are available for them!!!!


Harika and Harvey arrived in the KAR office on the morning of their flight – their box training had really paid off and they went in beautifully. They looked so relaxed in them with their familiar bedding and some of Annie’s tee shirts (so they knew that even if they couldn’t see her – she had not deserted them). Their schedule flights went ahead with no delays and we were able to keep Annie updates about their journey, which is a very worrying time for owners, wondering what is happening and where their pets are…. Annie found it a big help

……..you are a gem, really. Wouldn’t have attempted this on my own. I will have to send you a picture of Harika when she was in a puppy pen at KAR and another one when she is settled at home. Just to show what an amazing job you and the gang do. Thank you! The dogs arrived safely and on time at Heathrow and after completing all of their UK entry process and checks Harika and Harvey were heading Home.”

Together with their boxes the dogs had a load weight of 150KG…are they our biggest travelling pets so far …………..???????

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